About Us

Turning Hard Work into Child’s Play

Amloid proudly brings 100 years of unwavering commitment to its founder’s vision: to create quality, affordable, and fun toys. Innovative design and exacting attention to detail continue to produce unique product lines that have delighted generations of children around the world.

Value remains our competitive advantage; unparalleled reliability has become our industry-wide reputation. As a result, Amloid has for decades enjoyed successful business relationships with top USA and Latin American retailers, and have been the major supplier to global distribution regions (USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America Caribbean Australia, South Africa and selected Asian Markets.) We continue to aggressively invest capital in new product development, while providing low- cost manufacturing with proximity to the world’s largest consumer markets. With the expansion of our manufacturing capabilities in our wholly owned factory in Mexico, along with having established strategic partnerships with factories in the Far East, we are truly a Global supplier who can fulfill children’s wishes in any part of the world.

Always insisting on premium quality, we continue to push the limits of toy innovation and product development. Nothing is more evident of this than with our introduction of Crayola Building Blocks—setting a new standard for the industry as it relates to product, merchandising, and value in the construction category! Our core Kids@Work line of construction, Autoshellz, Next Wave Outdoor Games, Playsets, and Spring/Summer line of products offer an array of toys in various categories that kids will love to play with. Our focus is, and always will be, the child’s experience when they interact with an Amloid product— maximizing the fun, joy, and learning experience kids have when playing with any of our toys. We are very proud of our storied past, where we are presently, and who we will be in the future.